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Through our team of experienced journalists and equity analysts, we introduce great investment stories to a large network of sophisticated investors. We carefully select the companies we work with and provide consistent updates over the course of a campaign to help build the story.

Our mission is a simple one – to broadcast the stories of listed companies from around the world to a UK retail investment audience. Investors like to hear about great investment ideas but with so much noise online, it can be difficult to focus on the right opportunities. For listed companies, particularly SmallCaps, attracting investor interest in your story can be particularly challenging. 

That’s why our partner website, The Armchair Trader has seen its reputation for high quality content and independent view become a very well-respected source of information for investors. Our loyal readership combined with distribution across Google News, Apple News, and a host of other channels enables us to reach a large group of investors who are waiting for the next great story.

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Communicate with a large network of sophisticated investors

The Armchair Investor team has direct access to The Armchair Trader’s audience of sophisticated UK investors. Prominently featured across the website and daily markets newsletter, with content distribution through Google News, Apple News, and many more providers, your investment story will be seen by the right people.

Provide quality content that builds the investment story

Our team of experienced journalists will write an in-depth report designed to introduce your investment story and follow up with regular coverage of new developments related to your business. A Q&A interview with a board director will enable our investment network with an opportunity to hear from a senior member of your team.

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Tell your investment story through a range of media channels

As well as providing high quality written content, The Armchair Investor team can offer your business exposure to our investor audience network through podcasts which are syndicated on Spotify, iTunes, and many other important outlets. With access to the right facilities and technology, we can arrange video interviews and webinars for further distribution.

Communicate your message further afield

With access to a database of business journalists in the UK and Western Europe, our experienced PR professionals can help you write and distribute press release content for further media exposure. We have the capability to set up roadshows in London for investors, analysts, brokers, press and fund managers.

If your business is listed on a recognised exchange and has an interesting story you’d like to share with a UK investor audience, we’d love to hear from you

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